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Dear prospective Student,

You are most welcome to the prestigious Department of Applied Economics. We are glad that we feature in your search and hopefully, your choice of a study and research institution in the area of Economics, public policy and development studies is here. We do reassure you of our highest commitment and facility to the fruition of your academic sojourn with us.

In this Department, you will interact with your fellow students from different countries in the world, taking and teaching in various courses and programs. This opportunity avails you with a rich and stimulating multicultural learning environment, which can lead you to various networks and collaborations in view of your academic and subsequent work life. As such, your eventual participation is very important to each member of the Department because you bring to us a unique tint of new diversity to enrich our teaching, research and outreach in the arts and social sciences.

From the inception of KIM University resulting from the merging processes of the different academic departments and the centres, Applied Economics Department embodies itself as a bedrock of great initiatives, synergy of energies, and great conglomeration of social innovations. I look forward to welcoming you personally. We will treasure you and your contributions, and we hope that together, we shall lead the world in virtue and wisdom.

Yours sincerely,


Name: Dr. Shweta Uppadhyay

Qualification: PhD in Economics

Position: Head of Department of Economics

Department: Department of Economics

Offered Degree: Bachelor of Science in Economics with Honors




This Department is intended to impart knowledge and prepare students for careers in the field of Economics and public policy through a judicious mix of courses that are core to the discipline and those drawn from complementary disciplines both at undergraduate level and graduate level. The Department is also in the process of establishing an APPLIED RESEARCH CENTRE called KIM School of Economics applied research centre (KIM-SEAR). Applied research is a form of systematic inquiry involving the practical application of science. Applied research deals with solving practical problems and generally employs empirical methodologies. KIM-SEAR’s mission is to spearhead the generation and dissemination of knowledge by conducting applied research of social, economic and political significance to Rwanda in particular and Africa in general, so as to influence policy, raise consciousness and improve the quality of life. In this way KIM-SEAR shall also nurture researchers in Rwanda and elsewhere.

Undergraduate programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics

Taken off programs

Beginning with September, 2016; KIM University was mandated by the Rwanda higher education Council (HEC) to begin admitting students in the Bachelor of Science in Economics program.  Meanwhile, the other undergraduate and graduate programs are still under HEC review and validation and they will immediately start as soon as passed by HEC.


The above programs are designed to promote the KIM University vision which is;

to be a premier institution in educational and professional training and become the hub of academic excellence in provision of academic and professional programmes in business, management and information technology”


The Department of Applied Economics focuses on the production of leaders in training, research and innovation in the fields of Social Sciences, Information Technology and Development to support the KIM University mission and to suit the needs of a dynamic world with a special emphasis on skills and competence for development.


  1. To maintain a high quality of course instructors and programs that respond to the millennium needs and challenges.
  2. To assign students with creative, inventive, and challenging tasks necessary for provoking them to address complex, social, economic, ethical, and personal demands both nationally and globally.
  • To acquaint students with theories, concepts, and data that they can use to evaluate human situations that form part of their political, social, and economic world.
  1. To prepare students for the job market, by imparting them with relevant skills to enable them to make viable contributions to their nation and to the wellbeing and growth of their enterprises and workplaces.
  2. To encourage students and staff to engage in useful research that will enrich the nation and the institution.


The broad portfolio of learning Economics enables a new generation of young Economists to experience exponential growth-academically, personally, and professionally. More to that, the Bachelor of science degree in Economics gives new learners confidence in leadership skills, independent rational decision making skills, unleashes the sleeping business acumen genius skills, and propels learners towards realising their career goals and aspirations.


Secondary school leavers who have attained the minimum qualification for University admission and who wish to start a career in Economics.  The programs in the department are also open to persons in employment who possess relevant qualification for admissions to a degree programme.


The department aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To develop a theoretical and technical understanding of economic concepts and practices and the ability to cope with future developments in Rwanda and the neighbouring countries.
  • To enhance self-confidence and the ability to critically evaluate economic issues and develop solutions from the ethical, professional as well as academic perspectives;
  • To instil a critical and integrated understanding of the world of economics, with a firm foundation in related areas such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, mathematical economics and statistics.
  • To prepare the students for progression to higher degree work and research in economics.
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