The Chief Guest of Honour, Ms. Fatou Lo, UN Women Representative, Distinguished Guests, Representatives of Institutions and Organizations, All Protocols observed, Ladies and Gentlemen. GOOD MORNING.

On behalf of the Board of Governors, the Senior Management and the entire KIM Community, it is a great honor to welcome you to KIM University, on this momentous occasion, to officiate at and witness the launch of our the Center for Gender and Entrepreneurship.

This center is not like any ordinary center of excellence in an academic institution. It constitutes a watershed in KIM University’s mission and serves as a point of convergence between the Government of Rwanda’s commitment to gender-based and gender driven socio-economic transformation.

Ladies and gentleman, as a mission-driven institution, KIM is unswervingly committed to promoting creativity and innovation among her students and supporting them to discover and grow their talents. The Center for Gender and Entrepreneurship, to be launched today, will serve as an incubator for creativity.

Through this Centre for Gender & Entrepreneurship we wish to infuse in our students a new mindset: to become people who create economically relevant opportunities, rather than mere seekers of existing economic opportunities. The future of this country and Africa rests gingerly on a crop of young women and men, who are prepared to create business opportunities, rather than compete for existing ones.

Ladies and gentleman, what makes this a unique center is that it is fully driven by the students themselves. It is entirely their efforts, under the leadership of Ms Nkechi, that has made this center a reality. I have personally witnessed the activities undertaken by the students in this centre and I know that this is a very promising Center. Our young ones, especially the females are fragile in nature. As we try to        inculcate the prudent risk-taking spirit that will enable them overcome fear and apathy towards running own business, they still need our support and encouragement.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we humbly solicit support in terms of mentorship, financial grants and aids from the Institutions and Organizations represented in this Launch. We want to partner with you in order to help these students achieve the exploitation and practical application of their business/project ideas. We all know that the achievement of their business/project ideas will lead to employment and wealth creation, business innovations and economic boost in the nation.

Moreover, partnering with your organizations will help the Centre of Gender and Entrepreneurship achieves its objectives, thereby helping to achieve Rwanda’s vision 2020 to transform the economy into that of a middle income country, supported by a knowledge-based society, with high levels of savings and private investment and lower external aid,increased per capita GDP in an equitable way and reduce the number of poor people since the students will not confine themselves in KIM University and Kigali only, but, they are expected to replicate their achievements in the rural areas for rural development.

Thank you.

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