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KIM University Rwanda Culture

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Expert Lecturers

Our lecturers and other academic staff have a wealth of experience in teaching and professional experience in the various fields of study

Online Tutorials

KIM University is in the process of bringing Online courses that will be delivered via the Internet right to your desktop or laptop!


Our ICT Resource Centre is a dynamic learning environment catering to the needs of all of our students. Browse our library catalogue and examine our collections.

Online courses

Our web based classes will cover broad range of courses. Our online college courses will be a start for earning credits towards various degree.

My Vision for KIM University

As the universal academic tradition dictates, the installation of the Vice Chancellor, presents an important opportunity to outline one’s vision and strategic goals for the institution. It is an honor for me to have been appointed to this important position…

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Statement from the Vice Chancellor

Welcome to KIM MBA, a unique window to transformational learning. This is not just a great MBA program. It is a unique program that embodies what KIM aspires to make of its students: competent, skilled and competitive innovators. There are…

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