KIM University established the Centre for Gender and Entrepreneurship in March 2017 as part of the Rwandan vision. The center is headed by Mrs. Irechukwu Eugenia Nkechi, the founding Director.

The main objective of the Centre is to create in the minds of the students the possibility of being a job creator/employer rather than a job seeker after graduation.
This is simply a boulevard to:

  • Instill in the minds of the young Rwandans the spirit of being job creators rather than job seekers.
  • Impart on them the entrepreneurial minds rather than depending on the few vacant positions in the labour market.
  • Inculcate in them the ground-breaking spirit rather than being fearful and slothful in business.

The Centre is responsible for:
1. Creating gender-responsive entrepreneurship clubs
2. Organizing gender-responsive business idea debates
3. Organizing gender-responsive entrepreneurship trainings and seminars by inviting entrepreneurs to share experiences with the students.
4. Organizing field trip studies to entrepreneurial organizations.

The Centre has already started work with vibrant, innovative and creative young minds aged between 18 and 30. A team named‘Gender-Responsive Entrepreneurship Council ‘has been developed out of the Centrewith a 50-student membership.

CGE students participate in Business Idea Generation

Council members participate in generating business ideas, developing and debating the ideas and practically implementing the ideas to get the needed experience for the future.

For further information, contact the Director of the Centre:
Mrs. Irechukwu Eugenia Nkechi (BSc, MSc, PhD Cand. JKUAT) on +250788834116 or 

Mrs. Irechukwu Eugenia Nkechi (BSc, MSc, PhD Cand. JKUAT)

By Mrs. Irechukwu Eugenia Nkechi, Director CGE

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