KIM University staff and students meet the President of the World Bank Group

Dr. Jim Jong Kim, President of the World Bank addresses the audience

KIM University students and staff became part of an historic audience that met with the avant garde President of the World Bank Group, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, at the picturesque Kigali International Convention Center on March 22.

In a message that not only challenges Rwanda and other African nations but also resonates with the aspirations of KIM University Dr. Kim recalls as a young man, the narrative put forward by the pundits of the institution which he now heads regarding his country Korea.    “Far removed from the main trade routes of the world, with a dense and rapidly gro-

KIM University staff and students that formed part of the audience

wing population, but only meager resources, Korea would, in any case, find it difficult, without foreign aid, to provide its people with more than bare necessities of life. (…) even with the best of intentions and soundest of policies, the country’s achievement of self-supporting economy would be a very distant goal and progress towards it slow” World Bank Report Feb 5, 1965. How wrong. Korea has since transformed itself into formidable economic power, driven by enviable technological innovation.

His core message and admonition “Don’t let anyone ever tell you it is not possible for you to become a middle income country” and take your place in the world, resonates with Rwanda’s transformation efforts. The launch of the medical supply delivery drone, the first of a kind in the world, has put Rwanda on the cutting edge of technological innovation. He termed the use of the drone “a perfect example of how countries can use the latest technologies to achieve their aspirations”.  Through her vision (to inspire creativity and innovation and motivate students to put relentless efforts to achieve their dreams in life) KIM University’s seeks to promote Rwanda’s Vision 2020 and beyond.

By Prof Peter John Opio, VC KIM University

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